Treatment unit for Parkinson and abnormal movements

Treatment unit for Parkinson and abnormal movements

Barcelona-Parkinson cares for patients in advanced stages that have not responded successfully to other medical therapies

In Barcelona-Parkinson we treat patients with abnormal movements in general, Parkinson´s, Parkinson-related symptoms, dystonias, clinical tremors, tics, choreoform syndromes, and other neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, we offer the possibility of conducting new clinical studies to seek solutions with new medications.

What can Barcelona-Parkinson
offer you?

  • Medical consultations
  • Neurophysiology
  • Rehabilitation for cases of Parkinson and other abnormal movements
  • Surgery for Parkinson, tremors, and dystonias

Steps of surgical treatment

Barcelona-Parkinson establishes a set of steps for the inclusion in its program of patients of the Parkinson's and abnormal movements treatment unit:

  • Your doctor´s report, a magnetic resonance image of the brain, and a visit with a neurologist from Barcelona-Parkinson (affiliated or via videoconference if the patient is from outside Spain)
  • Admittance to our hospital, 3-key MRI, and general pre-surgical evaluation
  • Performance of the procedure
  • Transfer to our convalescence center in Manresa (Barcelona)
  • Physiotherapy and speech therapy for four weeks

Benefits of treatment

92% of our patients experience an improvement Of our patients experience an improvement
Reduction of rigidity Reduction of rigidity
Decreased tremors Decreased tremors
Reduced symptoms of depression Reduced symptoms of depression
95% of our patients recommend the treatment Of our patients recommend the treatment
Increased physical agility Increased physical agility
Improvement in behavioral disorders Improvement in behavioral disorders