Clinical tremors

Clinical tremors

Barcelona-Parkinson treats clinical tremors with invasive and non-invasive techniques

Clinical tremors can occur both at rest or while moving, or appear in postural presentation.

What are clinical tremors?

Clinical tremors are involuntary movements characterized by the repetitive and oscillating action of some part of the body. They can typically be seen in the hands when they are at rest, as in Parkinson's, or when performing certain actions, as in essential tremor. We can also see evidence of it in a trembling voice.

Who can be affected by clinical tremors?

This will depend on the type of tremor. In the case of the essential tremor it can be seen from the fifth or sixth decade of life onwards; it is not usually seen in children. The tremors that accompany degenerative diseases can appear at any age.

Not all clinical tremors are part of Parkinson's Disease. They can also occur in patients with thyroid problems. Likewise, patients with multiple sclerosis present them frequently.

What are the main causes of clinical tremors?

The cause of the essential tremor is unknown. There are signs indicating a possible genetic disorder; the hyper-functioning of the red nucleus of the brain stem is talked about, which entails high levels of adrenaline production. Also traumatic brain injury, when it affects the connections between the cerebellum and the pale nuclei, cause disabling tremors. In addition, sclerotic plaques in the brain stem of patients with multiple sclerosis can cause tremors in the extremities.

What is the progress of the disease in patients affected with clinical tremors?

The essential tremor does not usually worsen over the years; that is, the disease is static in time and the degree of disability does not depend on aging. The same thing occurs with tremors caused by trauma. In multiple sclerosis the severity depends on where the sclerotic plaques are located. The Parkinson tremor usually fades over the years to make way for more serious complications, such as increased rigidity and slowness.