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Barcelona-Parkinson is a Medical Group dedicated to the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of Parkinson's disease and other conditions classified as Abnormal Movements. Our group is dedicated to serving in a comprehensive manner everything related with the diagnosis, medical treatment, rehabilitation and surgery for Parkinson's, plus we provide online support in relation to medical equipment and consultations related with Parkinson's Disease and other Abnormal Movements (Dystonia, Tics, Choreic Syndrome, Tremors, Myoclonus...).

Our goal is to help improve patients with intractable neurodegenerative diseases through medical and surgical procedures.


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Doctor visits

Manresa (Centro Especialidades Médicas y Quirúrgicas):
C/ Gaudí 11-13 (bajos)
08243 Manresa, Barcelona (Spain)

To arrange doctor visits in Manresa, please call the following telephone number:
(+34) 93 877 39 27

Terrassa (Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa):
Ctra. Torrebonica, S/N
08227 Terrasa (España)

To arrange doctor visits in Terrassa, please call the following telephone number:
(+34) 93 700 36 21